CHF 39.00
For your health and beauty.

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The non-medical masks are for daily business only – not for medical use (Not certified. But sexy.)

It covers your entire nose and mouth to protect your social surrounding in crowded places and prevents you from touching your face. A fashionable sign for respect made of original JULIAN ZIGERLI-archive fabrics.

A certified filter lies between the outer fabric and the lining.
A flexible wire on top of the mask helps you to adjust it to your nose. Adjustable rubber bands on both sides of the mask guarantee your perfect fit. 

Reusable after following the cleaning instructions. The lining of the mask is a smooth white cotton.

The color of the elastics might change. We are working with stock material due to the current situation. It will still match the chosen pattern.


Please Select…
  • clouds
  • techflower – anthracite
  • Fir Cone – Tannenzapfen
  • Cash – Pink Purple
  • Lyrics Stripe – sand, pink, black
  • guinness flower – beige
  • orange / green / pink
  • cyan – paper cut
  • black hole
  • Swiss cheese
  • magenta / blue
  • Geranium Red
  • JZ Signature
  • Thank You

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