CHF 39.00
For your health and beauty. Our WATSON special design with thank you embroidery.

The non-medical masks are for daily business only – not for medical use (Not certified. But sexy.)

It covers your entire nose and mouth to protect your social surrounding in crowded places and prevents you from touching your face. A fashionable sign for respect made of a JULIAN ZIGERLI – design in collaboration with WATSON.

A flexible wire on top of the mask helps you to adjust it to your nose. Rubber bands on both sides of the mask guarantee your perfect fit. 

Reusable after below cleaning instructions. The lining includes a certified filter and soft tonal cotton.
Logo stitching on the base of the cap.

What is watson.ch all about: News, debate and entertainment. Always real-time, relevant, informative and entertaining. Other media you no longer need – MASK ON

The BASEBALL CAPS will soon be available too.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS – Wash the mask before the first use 60°C with your regular laundry. Use the short program, use a laundry net and wash it separately from other clothing  to treat the mask with care. You can also put it in the oven at 60°C and bake it for approximately 10 min so you don't have to wash the mask after every use. The nose wire might be bent after washing. Just put it back into your comfortable position. The rubber bands are flexible and can be exchanged if damaged. Make sure when you wash the mask that there is always a knot in the rubber band. Otherwise the strap might slide out.